Mum of identical Down’s syndrome twins says new NHS test is ‘genetic cleansing’

Jan 27, 2016 | Media

As the NHS offers a new Down’s syndrome blood test, mum of ‘one in a million’ Down’s twins, Emma Lowe, 36, of Preston, Lancashire says it will encourage more terminations

“I’m sure every parent thinks their kids are one in a million, but my twin boys really are.

When I found out I was ­pregnant with identical twins, the doctors told me the chances of them having Down’s syndrome were one in a million.

So you can imagine my shock when they were born and I found out they in fact did have Down’s.

My beautiful twins, Arthur and Alfie, are three now and everyone who meets them says how happy and mischievous they are.

So when earlier this month the NHS gave new tests for Down’s syndrome the go-ahead, I was horrified.

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