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Wouldn’t Change A Thing – Positive About Down’s syndrome Leaflet

Sep 22, 2019 | Media

Are you interested in sharing an uplifting, emotive and positive message about Down’s syndrome with others?

We’re delighted to present the new leaflet from the Wouldn’t Change A Thing team. This leaflet has been produced as a result of a collaboration with Don’t Screen Us Out and Positive About Down syndrome

“Every person who happens to have Down syndrome has strengths, challenges, talents and abilities the same as the rest of us.”

Article 8 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities makes it clear that its member states should undertake work on positive awareness-raising campaigns for those with disabilities.

“To promote positive perceptions and greater social awareness towards persons with disabilities.”

The leaflet has 8 facts which may challenge some outdated perceptions about Down’s syndrome. These leaflets can be used for presentations, local or national events or wherever you think the positive about Down’s syndrome message needs to be! Email:  info@wouldntchangeathing.org to find out how to get hold of the leaflets.

Wouldn't Change A Thing Facts Leaflet

Creating Positive Awareness FACTS

Wouldn't Change A Thing Facts Leaflet

Creating Positive Awareness WCAT

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